TwoTeams Is Back!

The TwoTeams software has been under development for over 8 years and is back.  Keep an eye out for updates and the new website!

We will be posting an update shortly to provide you with up to date information on this exciting project.


Exeptional Results On Time and On Budget Print E-mail

group_picWe have all heard about technology driven companies. We are proud to say that we are not one of them. We are a customer driven company that utilizes the best that technology has to offer to accomplish our client’s goals and deliver profitable results.

Dabax has been in business since 1998 and continues to grow with our clients.  We deliver products and services that you can understand because we take the time to understand you.

That is why we continually do work that is Beyond Your Expectations.

Education Management Solution Print E-mail

Our X-EMS software was designed to specifically reduce the administration required in providing training courses to employees, corporate or public customers. This software is great for courses that require retraining like Fire Safety and Prevention, or recertification like CPR or First Aid.

Imagine how much time you would save if your students could sign themselves up for your courses themselves - or if your instructors could download their own class rosters and order their supplies automatically based on class registrations.

Gazelles Coaching for Growth Print E-mail
gaz_intl_sqManaging growth effectively is one of the challenges that can take a business that is expanding rapidly and push it further or make it fail.  Many executives of fast growing companies find themselves loosing control over the direction of the business.  Utilizing the tools developed by "Growth Guy" Verne Harnish, we will work closely with your team to control and manage the growth effectively.

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